Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have been meaning to blog about our pumpkins but every time I thought about it I would get distracted (mostly by pinterest). Sooo here they are (we were pretty proud of them).

(mikes is the oogie boogie and mine is jack skellington)

I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, it's one of my all-time favorites!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 4, 5 & 6

Day 4 was a nice relaxing day, we just hung around the pool and relaxed the entire day.

Day 5 was beach day!

The first beach we went to was Venice. Lots of interesting characters there!

Then we went to Santa Monica Beach.

The last beach we visited was El Matador beach, which looked surprisingly a lot like the Oregon Coast.

Day 6 was Hollywood day.

We walked around Hollywood Blvd and then went on a Hollywood tour (such tourist i know).

My favorite hand/foot print in front of the Chinese theater.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2 & 3

We went to the Getty Museum for the first part of the day

Not only was it an amazing art museum, but they had beautifully landscaped gardens.

We then made our way to the Ronald Reagan Library. This is one of the other museums I would highly recommend, even if you werent a Reagan fan, this museums if full of history and one of a kind artifacts.
We got to see a replica of the Oval Office that was built to exact size and most of the decor are original pieces from the Reagan's Oval Office.

We also got to tour Air Force One (the actually Air Force One that flew Carter, Reagan, and Bush)

They even have a piece of the Berlin Wall on display

The next day we picked Kari and Travis (Mike's sister and brother in-law) up from the airport and headed down to Hermosa Beach.

We ate at a place called Martha's which is rumored to be one of the best places to get breakfast in the LA area.

Then we headed back to down town LA and went to an auto museum.

They even had the Batmobile!

We finished off the day by going to the observatory.

It was amazing to see the city from way up there, especially once the sun had gone down.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

California Day 1

We decided to take a week trip down to California to visit Mike's uncle and aunt. Mike's sister and her husband were also going to be in California that week so it worked out perfect!

We flew in on Tuesday and had a full day of fun.

Started with

driving down town and doing a little exploring.

Mike wanted to see the Staples center (big arena where two basketball teams, and hockey team plays)

The Great Wayne Gretzky

We then walked over to the Grammy Museum (which if you are ever in the LA area I highly recommend this museum, we could have spent all day there)

You are not allowed to take pictures in this museum but Mike being Mike of course tried to sneak some...

Bob Marley legacy was the visiting exhibit.

This museum had hand written original lyrics from Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, James Brown and many more, the interesting thing about these lyrics were most of them were written on napkins or hotel stationary. They also had a big display of Michael Jackson's jackets and gloves.

After the Grammy Museum we made our way down to

Dodger Stadium. We went with Mike's uncle Eric and his brother Chris. The game started at 7 and we finally left at 10 (three hours in and it was only in the 7th inning... looong game). There were tons of foul balls and we had excellent seats right behind the pitchers mount, so lots of foul balls came our way and I freaked every time.

(More to come)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

College Football

Last weekend Mike and I decided to take a trip down to Pullman and watch a Cougs game.

Mike did what he always does and waits until we get to the game to get tickets aka getting them from scalpers. I hate when he does that!! But we ended up with pretty good seats and they were cheap, so I couldnt complain too much.

The Cougs played UNLV and smoked them (59-7)!

Here we are at the stadium, it was 94 degrees and we were sitting on metal seats so we were just about as hot as you can get, but it was still lots fun!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crayon Art

I have become addicted to Pinterest! I love all the crafty pins, so I decided to actually do one.

I thought this was cute and I have been looking for something to hang in my kitchen, so I decided to re-create it and this is what I got

I think it turned out pretty good. It was really easy and lots of fun! All you do is glue crayons to a canvas and the turn it upside down, and take a hairdryer to it and let it drip. After I was happy with the drippage I made some flowers (like you would put in your hair) and glued them to the "stems".

Home-Made Hostees Cupcakes

My husbands cousin came into town a few weeks ago, so I decided I need to make some "Welcome to Washington" cupcakes.
I made chocolate cupcakes, filled with marshmallow fluff frosting and topped with chocolate frosting with the famous curly-cue.